How to Find Discount Clothing

Jul 11, 2019
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Looking good doesn’t have to cost the earth, but many of us believe we have to pay a premium for high quality clothes. But as this article discusses, there are a number of ways that you can get discount clothing and still look like you’ve been kitted out by a department store.

So where can you go to get your discount clothing? Well, charity shops are sometimes overlooked, but some people can find some truly unique pieces of clothing; dresses, suits, shirts and blouses that have perhaps never has full use and offer some stylish fashion without the high price. UK high streets are of course covered in these kind of shops, and while some might not offer what you are looking for, it is advisable to look through a few shops so that the chances of finding something special are increased.

Factory outlet shops are also a good way to get hold of some discount clothing – but without the associated problems that can sometimes arise with second hand clothing. These outlets have two major draws: the first is that they quite frequently offer clothing that is considered to still be ‘in fashion’ and so is desirable. The quality, is as you would expect, akin to brand new clothing – as these clothing ranges are simply those that have not sold out before the next season’s styles have come into the store.

If you are looking for discount clothing on a much larger scale – for a stall or for a shop perhaps – then there are specialist wholesale clothing shops where you can enjoy some really low prices. The only drawback is that you may well be required to buy in bulk in order to take advantage of the lower prices.

One of the most popular ways to obtain discount clothing is to wait for a big sale in the high street. There are of course several of these throughout the year, but the one that most people really look out for is the January sales – where some knock down bargains can be had. But it certainly isn’t a given, because many people have the same idea! You need to put some real effort into this process, particularly by attending the sales in the very first few days – usually Boxing Day in the UK. Other countries start a little later – such as Spain which begins its sale a few days later due to other occasions during this period. Getting up early is a must, to both avoid the massive queues as well as grab the very lowest priced discount clothing.

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