Hand Painted Rocks Make Beautiful One of a Kind Gifts – How I Started Painting Rocks

Jul 11, 2019
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Did you ever try painting on rocks? It is a fun craft for the whole family to enjoy. What's so nice about painting on rocks is that rocks provide a great canvas in that if you do not like what you paint the first time, you can just keep painting it until you like what you see! I love painting flowers on rocks and have been inspired by the master at this, Lin Welford. She has written and published some amazing books on the subject.

Way back in the summer of 1972 I went on vacation with my two best friends (who happened to be sisters) to stay for a week in their trailer on their property in the mountains of upstate New York. They had 117 acres of land and we spent the days playing in the creek, picking strawberries, climbing hills, exploring, playing volleyball and badminton, watching the clouds change, talking, laughing, and just having a blast not having to be anywhere or do anything in particular.

Their mom, orr. P. as I called her, was an avid sewer and very crafty as well. One of the crafts she had for us to do while upstate was collect rocks and pieces of slate down by the creek. She brought paintings and brushes with her from home (since there was no Michael's and AC Moore back then) and it was there on a beautiful day in upstate New York that I painted my very first rock.

It was a painting of blue and yellow flowers in a basket. My parents absolutely loved it and put it on display on a picture stand in their living room. It is still there today in 2011, almost 40 years later! Painting on rocks is a fun craft and hobby for all ages. You do not have to be a Picasso and you do not have to even paint well to make a beautiful rock painting.

One of the best things about painting flowers and plants on rocks is that almost any size, shape and kind of rock can be used, from the smoothest and roundest of river rocks, the irregular shapes of field stones that you can find at your local stone center (in the "misfit" pile for discounted prices), to even the chunky uneven rocks you might find at a building site or on the side of the road. Rocks are everywhere!

One of the nicest things about painting flowers on a rock is that if you do not like how it's coming out you can simply wash the paint off and start all over again until you like what you see. You can also use a stencil to guide your painting which really helps. In my opinion, all painted rocks are as special and unique as the people who create them. They make beautiful one of a kind gifts that just about anyone would enjoy.

Source by Nancy Maggie Lee Lewis

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