How to Street Pick Up

Jun 13, 2019
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Why street pick up?

Not every woman goes to places such as bars and clubs. For some reason, some may not like those kinds of locations. However, you can be sure to meet literally every kind of woman during a street pickup session. Whether in the streets, in parks, in co fee shops, inalls, etc., your chances of meeting nice girls are very high.

If you do not realize this, just go out and have a look. Do this especially if it's a sunny day. If it's a busy street, you may not even have to wait in order to see a cute girl. During the day, you can never run out of girls to approach. So why not learn to pick up girls during the day?

How to street pick up

Street Pick up is a difficult art. It will demand courage and confidence. In the streets, you may come across as scary to a girl who basically does not know what you want. You'll have to put extra effort into your voice projection and your body language. You'll have to speak clearly, to appear con dent and as "normal" as possible.

A relaxed body language and voice is very important during the day. As a matter of fact, one could easily say that SPU (Street-Pickup) is a sport. You walk long distances and some times you may even have to run to cover the last meters for those very fast walking ones. Once there you brake two meters before and pretended that you were already close.

Meeting a girl during the day will also have to be quicker than in a night club, where you have all night to make conversation. During the day, people are usually going somewhere, or having a quick break before getting back to work, or even doing some shopping. So you do not want to start chatting for 40 minutes. (Without of course, you manage to get an instant date.

3 reasons to street pick up

This being said, meeting women during the day also has its advantages.

1 – Rejection is no big deal

For instance, there are so many people outside during the day that being rejected is not a big deal at all. Depending on the size of your city, you have virtually no risk of seeing the girl again if you make a big mistake. Therefore, you can try many things and learn very quickly.

2 – It's unexpected

A second advantage is that, compared to girls in bars and clubs, girls do not expect to be hit on during the day. The mere fact that you come up and start a conversation already puts you in the category of a special man. Many girls also have a strange idealistic romantic vision of meeting their own prince charming and living a fairy tale. For some reason, they do not hold the same kind of idealistic visions going to the bars and clubs.

3 – It's simple

Third, during the day many women are all by themselves, this means that you do not have to use any group tactics or anything of this sort. This also means that she will not have to worry about what her friends will say, making your work easier.

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