Beautiful Women in Competition – A Mermaid in Distress and Art Nouveau Inspired Goddesses

Jun 13, 2019
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Beautiful women in competition
Art nouveau inspired goddesses
arose to understand their mission.

In the early morn
their tears no longer slept
fore a captors

Taken hostage
a single mermaid
herpe heart
sins risen
transgressions displayed
for her history of possible impulsive

And in that hour …
the moon

Fairies came to tell me
sorrowful three
a match with no solution.
Yet a bit of hope
yes it all
had somehow

Within their tiny hands
bountiful possessions
boxes upon boxes
of soon to be understood

Laced with a victim's charity
twas all tied together
with ribbons made of smoke
t'was my Lily
who tested that wind
and for our mermaid
her conscience

A melody was embraced
for Lily was acquainted with much
Bad days
constitutions decided
twas Lily who did admit
many a promise made by her

Yet Lily shared a love
with a handsome savior
who took the moon
and forced to save her.
A musician from a youthful jaunt
later aros
to pay for Lily's

In the evening
that musician spoke
French horn in hand
a rhythm inspired by faraway lands
His own memories of transgressions
he did invoke,
"Let a writer's memory
be sung here
mercy for transgressions
lead me toward a kinder rope.

This tale then
to those weeping angels
the captor who seethed her
fatefully lies
within every single one
of us
to judge her or revoke.
And yet .. of course
a mermaids sins
must be known.

Under the surface of the water
a whale did sleep
waiting for
faires and legends to meet.
No longer pret
or stories that bend.
Sorting out dragons
tales a musician remembered
from a life, death

You see I've been a victim
a mermaids quest
twas this one captured
that oh tis true
she took my breath
yet did not wish me death.
This mermaid longed for the music
my French horn cold blow.
So mercy for her within my quest?
I must say yes.
Know her heart
this mermaids heart
still bleeds
within my own breast.
and finally
the water reaches ore me
and somehow because of love
I was set free.

Legends of beautiful mermaids
who capture sailors underwater
rolled up
because they loved them from a distance.
Who could find fault with that?
Maybe just the masters damsel.

Beautiful women in competition
Art nouveau inspired goddesses
arose to understand their mission.

And then?
The moon ceased its weeping.

Source by Kathy Ostman-Magnusen

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