Asthma and Obama – What is the Connection With "Nightmare on Asthma Street"?

Jun 13, 2019
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Asthma can be a very frustrating condition to deal with. Malia Obama, the daughter of Barack and Michelle Obama, has been learning to deal with her Asthma. Malia Obama has to be in a home which is dust and allergen free. This creates a serious problem for the Obama family due to their new residence, "The White House". The first question that comes to your mind is, why is this a problem?

The Allergy and Allergen problem lies in the fact that "The White House" is an old building. The corner stone of the building was laid October 13, 1792. The building has had a series of renovations and several fires. The first fire was set by the British when they torched the building in 1814 during the War of 1812. The second fire was in the West Wing of in 1929 during the Hoover Administration. "The White House" has also had multiple renovations which makes this building an Asthma and Allergen nightmare to live in without artificial intervention.

Any time you are dealing with Asthma and old buildings such as the "The White House 'it is going to be hard for a child such as Malia Obama to deal with her Asthma. "is a losing battle for an individual with Asthma. From my experience of dealing with this type of structure, it is what I call a" Money Pit. "Remember the movie" The Money Pit "With Tom Hanks and Shelley Long. they tried try to fix the problem, the more problems start to surface due to hidden problems in the walls.

Let me get to the core issue here, "The White House" gets renovated every time it gets a new resident. I am sure the Obama Family has already made plans for a renovation for their stay in this "Nightmare on Asthma Street" building. I call this type of structure a nightmare because in reality, you can not fix it without some very serious structural changes and money expenditures. This buidings exterior is the original stone structure and all the renovations have taken place on the interior with no thought to the exterior structural problems.

If Malia Obama were my client, I would recommend she ask her parents, Barack and Michelle Obama to find another place for her to live because life in "The White House" will be tough to deal with her Asthma. The Obama Family might consider "Blair House" across the street as a possible alternative if it can be cleaned up. There is just too many variables to deal with in "The White House". First, two major fires produced mold in the structure that was not properly remedied, so you have hidden mold in the structure. People in 1814 and 1929 did not understand the ramifications of improper remediation for mold. Second, I guarantee there are hidden air movement passageways that will move the Asthma Allergens (ex. Mold spores, lead paint dust, 200 year old dust) through the building and affect her Allergies.

From my experience of dealing with old buildings, when you start to investigate them, you find hidden problems everywhere which is not apparent on the surface. An old building such as "The White House" has mold, dust and allergens that are over 200 years in the making and have collected in hidden areas of the building.

If you have any questions about old buildings and mold or allergens, feel free to contact Safe Homes or visit our Website.

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