"Do the Dew" Dunks High X – The Mountain Dew

Mar 13, 2019
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It is said that the designer of the Mountain Dew "Green Label Art" has mixed the infuse art into the citrus burden which has aroused a lots of comments from the public. Among the famous designers including jeffstaple, Methamphibian, Haze and Dez who has win the contest. Artist Dez created these custom dunks with a Mountain Dew theme to go along with his Mountain Dew Green Label Art tundra bottle. The fading between the 2 shades of Green is mint, and the splatter effect on the back gives it a nice little touch that you may not notice at first. One of the sneakers says Do The Dew and the other sneaker says'Dunk The Dew'and both are done in a stylish graffiti font. Some of the names on the list of artists include jeffstaple, Methamphibian, Haze, and our good friend from Houston, Dez. A friendly contest was held and Dez's design was declared the winner.

Dez has designed the Dew The Dew Dunks to match with the bottle. You can search the information about Dez of Ism Apparel to know more about him. Dez who has the habit to wear different hats is making the graffiti and graphic shoes design.The unique logo for Kickz Houston, Yakuza Air Force Ones and the Custom Air Jordan XX3 x Air Force 1 Fusions which even attract the attention of the Jordan Brand.

One of the sneakers says' Do The Dew's and the other sneaker says' Dunk The Dew 'and both are done in a stylish graffiti font. Thats right, Dez is one of the six lucky artists who were able to catch the eye of the people at Mountain Dew during the Green Label Art design contest. An award of this nature is more then enough to celebrate seeing how Dez was added to the list with legendary artists such as Haze.

Source by Bryant S Lucas

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