Hip Hop Wallpaper Reviews – The Best Hip Hop Wallpaper Websites

Feb 23, 2019
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Hip Hop wallpaper websites let you download rap music artists, hip hop honeys, graffiti and celebrity photos and post them right on your desktop. These sites are everywhere, although which ones provide the best quality? Here's my list of where you can find hip hop wallpaper for your desktop.

HipHopGalaxy is site dedicated to promoting rap music and culture. They include industry news, music downloads and videos. The wallpaper section offers a selection of artists such as Fergie, Ying Yang twins and DMX. The selection is not huge, but HHG definitely provides quality wallpapers of the most popular artists and is worth checking out.

Rap-Wallpapers. Unlike HHG, this website is all about hip hop wallpaper and features both mainstream artists such as Eminem, 50 Cent and Akon, as well as lesser known artists, hip hop models and rap album covers. The selection is huge.

HipHopWalls offers a tremendous amount of wallpapers, featuring artists such as Young Jeezy, Wu Tang and even NWA! The NWA section is on point, though my favorites are Outkast with their classic 1930's mobster themes. The navigation on this site is easy to use, with a clean design and interface.

For anyone interested in a rap wallpaper for their PC or Mac, these three websites are chock full of wallpapers that could take you hours of searching for. An additional spot I would check out is at Flickr.On this site you can search for a wider variety of wall papers, based on pictures others have taken. For example, you can find photos of Jay-Z in concert, Eminem posters or Lil 'Wayne mixtape covers, all of which make quality wallpapers and screen savers. Because Flickr is run mostly by photographers, the quality is often (though not always) high. You can search the results by quality and / or keyword and download the images you like best. I'd recommend using this site when you're looking for something beyond the standard hip hop pictures.

Of course, you can also create your own hip hop wallpaper by searching for images of your favorite rap artists, then saving the image on your desktop. I change my wallpaper weekly (can not stand to stare at the same thing over and over again) and sometimes use my own photos or download ones from the sites mentioned above directly to my desktop. Whether it's graffiti, rap artists or celebrity photos, these are the sites!

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