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Jan 21, 2019
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I recently just bought my first condo with my fiancé Kyle down by the lakeshore. We're both young professionals and figured it would be a good investment for the long term, something we could get a good return on somewhere down the road. It's a great place; we have an awesome view of the lake below, and we're literally nestled beneath the financial district in Toronto, getting to work has never been easier. It was a big jump for us, but we decided that having a space like this would be beneficial when we would want to sell and start a family elsewhere.

We're not big on heading uptown, and to us, the suburbs are a place we'll start heading to when we have kids. We also think anything past Bloor Street is a romp out of the city. Kyle and I like to eat out a lot, and we're always looking for something new to do that is not that expensive. Nightclubs are a nice alternative some weekends, but it can get a little too much with the youngger crowd around us, so we started looking around for other forms of entertainment.

The Scotiabank theater is not too far away, but these days the price of a move, popcorn, and drinks can get a little hefty. We were getting a little exhausted with the usual routine of clubs, bars, and restaurants, so I suggested to Kyle that we should see some kind of performance art. He quickly suggested that we were not going to the opera or any form of ballet, so it was up to me to find some that could accommodate us both.

After a bit of searching, I found The Second City theater in Toronto . When I first met Kyle, he was always raving on about Doug and Bob McKenzie, so I thought I'd surprise him with some tickets to a Second City show.

At the moment, they're playing " Barrack to the Future ", the theaters 62nd main stage revue. After a few drinks at the condo, we strolled over for the show. What I had not realized was that they have a full table service at the theater, so we were able to enjoy some finger foods and a few more drinks with our laughs.

The show was a great commentary on pop culture and current events. It seemed that the cast and crew were able to tailor the sketches to what was happening in the papers and tabloids at the moment. With the run up to the US general election, there was enough material that had us laughing and crying over their future Presidents.

By the end of the night, Kyle was all smiles; he specifically enjoyed the improv sketches where the audience was able to participate. After the show, the cast does another ten minutes of improv, giving the audience another chance to suggest ideas. It's amazing how some of the cast members can be so quick on their feet.

What impressed me more was the idea that The Second City is still bustling with up and coming talent. Most people only know the comedy troupe for heavy weights like John Candy, Rick Moranis, and Catherine O'Hara, and it was good to see that there is a handful of comedians and actors that will hopefully shine at some point in the future.

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