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Oct 11, 2018
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If you are only just beginning your search for general garage doors then you may not realize the many options that await you. Even in the most generic of garage doors you will still need to choose a color for your door. If you plan to consider what is available you may choose to begin developing your approach to general garage doors. You can begin with three categories. Using these three categories will allow you to divide the mass of general garage doors into smaller sections that you can eliminate or focus on more effectively.

These three categories are material, solid or sectional, and design. These are only some of the largest division in general. The fact is that you may have a situation that actually rewards manual doors. They are available, and they are one more reason that you should not consider this article to be the end of your education regarding general doors for your garage. This is only the beginning. So, let us get started.


Which of these elements is the priority for you will determine your options regarding some of the other elements. For instance, wood is not an uncommon material for some garage doors. It is reliably inexpensive and the craftsmanship and design that you can find in wood products is a quality that many can appreciate. However, if you really want wood garage doors you may discover that you will have to get a solid door.

If your priority is not material or if you are interested in other materials such as metals, then you will find that there are a variety of sectional options.

Solid and Sectional

As you may have guessed a solid door is a single piece door that lifts and lowers without changing shape. A sectional door is created by combining numerous smaller pieces that can then flex. This allows the doior to your garage to change shape as they raise and lower. The major differences that you will note are the appearance and the space that is required.

Solid doors require more space to angle up and down, while sectional doors can be raised and lowered in basically a straight line. This means it is not required that you raise the door from the street if you have a small driveway.

Solid doors offer the option of large ornate decoration and a seamless appearance. Sectionals tend to be more generic which can appeal to some people.


Design is quite important. Especially if your garage doors are on the front of your house you may want something that is able to fit with the decoration of your home. Some homes have multiple garages. The entries for each one may be a different size. Choosing styles that can work well for varying sizes may prove essential for maintaining continuity.

General garage doors can offer something for almost every situation, but there may be some situations that merit custom doors. Customized garage doors are an option, and you may find that irregular garage spaces or conspicuous garages placements simply need such special attention.

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